A Spider Control System That Works Great for Lake Homes
July 9, 2013 SCSadmin

A Spider Control System That Works Great for Lake Homes

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Spider Control Systems - Clean and Safe Lake HomesSpider infestations are especially a problem in lake homes and homes surrounded by tall fields. Lakes attract all kinds of bugs, giving the moisture-loving spider plenty of food. Tall grass and poorly-maintained landscaping littered with dead leaves also harbor bugs and attract spiders. Also, spiderlings are often carried with the breeze, and many land on your structure. For safety reasons and to maintain the exterior of your home, a spider control system is optimal. Not only is it good to keep things tidy, but integrating a spider control system will keep spiders away on a daily basis. You will also greatly minimize wear and tear on your home because you will no longer need to power wash your windows and sidings from the cobwebby haze that is so common with lake homes and homes out in the country.

Where Spiders Like to Build Their Webs

In Texas, be especially aware of what the black widow and brown recluse spiders look like, as they are venomous. Some say that these spiders are found throughout Texas. Others say that they are only found in certain regions of Texas, and DFW is listed as one of the regions they are found in. Spiders like sheltered corners and also build their webs near where insects are found. For example, they like to build their nests next to lights outside of the home, between items stored away in the attic or garage, under unused shelving and other unused areas, and also in tall grass and other unkempt areas of landscaping around the home.

Spider Control Systems

Spider control systems are extremely effective for deterring spiders. If mosquitoes are also a concern, these systems are the best for getting rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects from your property as well. Spider infestations are very difficult to resolve without a spider control system, especially with the brown recluse spider. You probably had a lake home built to get away and enjoy the great outdoors. But if you can’t even walk out onto your porch without stepping through cobwebs, it just might be the one thing that kept you inside that morning. Rural properties and lake homes with spider control systems installed are by far a cleaner, safer, and a much more enjoyable place to be.

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