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by Eric Jones on Stonecreek Solutions LLC
Great Investment

I have had three systems installed by Stonecreek, and they have all been well worth the money. The system at my lake house keeps the spiders out of the boat house and away from the boats. The system at my other house keeps the mosquitos and bees away from the patio and pool area making for much more pleasant evenings. From installations to winterizing the systems, Eric and his crew are second to none.

Cutting down the bugs

Bought this property a year ago.  We got the misting started this spring, and wow it is so helpful.  It is in our horse stalls, breezeway, and our patio.  It keeps the bugs away a lot and the horses like it also, they love the lack of nasty bugs… The staff is super, came out and set it all up anyway we wanted, assured working well.. grateful for the professional staff!

by Brett Hall on Stonecreek Solutions LLC
Now Bug Free

I am so pleased to have this system. We live in Longview and while the bugs are an issue up here in Hunt Co, they are twice as bad down there. From the time of installation there was an immediate difference. NO BUGS!!
We have a pool, spa, and spend most summers in our back yard. Our back yard is filled with beautiful shrubbery and plants. During the summer, we also like to grill and eat outside poolside. The challenge was always the bugs!! There were many times we would start dinner, then move inside to get away from them. We would spray, but in 15 minutes they were back. Having this system has eliminated not only eliminated using the sprays, but allowed us to fully enjoy all of the amenities of our backyard.

by C.R. Dortch on Stonecreek Solutions LLC
Should have done this years ago!

Very professional, very prompt in installation appointment and installers were very detailed. Now we have enjoyable evenings on the patio.

Pleasant Backyard Again!

Thank you so much. Your system has made life in my backyard pleasant again!!!
I only got a few bites (and my grandchildren were almost mosquito-bite free in my yard) this summer and i am so grateful.
Why didn’t I do it a few years ago???
Thank you!

by Danny Kellum on Stonecreek Solutions LLC

I am very happy with the system. I have a lake home and a home in Irving with the systems. I have not had any dirt dobbers, wasps, spider webs, or mesquitoes since the systems were installed. These folks know what they are doing. Very professionally done. I recommend!!

by James Smith on Stonecreek Solutions LLC
Great Service!

Stonecreek solutions not only provides a great quality product, their service is outstanding!

by Laura Roach on Stonecreek Solutions LLC

We had a great experience with Stonecreek Solutions. I received 5 bids for systems and Stonecreek beat them all. They were also the most responsive than all the other companies. Our equipment was very professionally installed and the crew was efficient and respectful of my home and family. I am looking forward to a Spring and Summer that is mosquito free!!

by Gary Weed on Stonecreek Solutions LLC

Stonecreek’s insect misting system is outstanding! And on top of that, so is the customer service. I should know, I have their system on three houses, and I’ve been using these systems for more then five years. Really great results, and great service

by John and Nancy Turner on Stonecreek Solutions LLC

Moved into a 20 year old home in December 2013 in Cumby Texas, and we are heavily wooded with a 7 acre lake about 100 feet from the house. Noticed we had a severe brown recluse issue along with many other bugs and insects. In spring, the scorpions became so numerous we were worried that this might not be the best place for our dream home in the country. We use a very good exterminator but still needed more. Heard about Eric and his product. Got two bids and Stonecreek was half the price and so much more professional. They came in two days and were finished before noon. Happily came back and did a bit of tweaking where we felt we needed more coverage over our garage doors and the front door. No charge. We also have a barn and many scorpions, small snakes, roaches and the feared Brown Recluse? Our family didn’t even want to go in there. Eric came back and installed the same nozzles, but, we decided to only put them up about 7 feet hi since the barn is 25 feet tall. He chose a color of tubing that matched the metal color and is almost invisible from the house. The best part is that he tied it to the central house unit and the cost was minimal. We have seen 90% drop in activity in 3 weeks. Only one scorpion has found its way into our home since early summer and no brown recluse. We highly recommend them and their product.