Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Stonecreek Solutions Automatic Insect Misting System & How does it work?

The Stonecreek Solutions Insect Misting Systems operate automatically once installed with little to no maintenance. Consisting of a pump, motor assembly, and a programmable timer located on top of the reservoir. The system is triggered to pump solution through the installed high pressure tubing to the nozzles. The programmable timer is preset to turn the system on 3-4 times per day for duration of 30-40 seconds. All nozzles spray at the same time and completely fog an area with a very fine mist that kills and repels mosquitoes, flies, spiders, wasps, roaches and hundreds of other insects.

Misters under residential eaveHow is it installed?

High pressure tubing with nozzles is installed underneath the eves of roof lines and other inconspicuous locations. This can include along fencing, within shrubbery, patios and any other desired outdoor locations. Choosing from our wide variety of tubing colors, your system will be discrete and aesthetically pleasing. The system reservoir can be placed indoors or outdoors provided a 110v outlet is near.

Who would benefit from the Stonecreek Solutions Insect Misting System?

The Stonecreek Solutions Automatic Insect Misting System can be installed virtually anywhere pests are a nuisance. This includes, backyard patios, decks, around pool areas, outdoor eateries, barns & stables. Our system keeps your outdoor area clean and safe for all of your planned activities.

Rid your yard of mosquitosWhen will I notice a reduction in mosquitoes, spiders and other pests?

The same day of installation! Once your system is installed you will immediately begin to see the results. The system will begin to kill and repel insects; giving you a coverage area to enjoy, without the wait!

How much does the Stonecreek Solutions Insect Misting System cost?

Whether the system is to be installed in a backyard, barn or business every layout and design is different. To fit your needs Stonecreek Solutions trained and licensed staff can give you a customized plan that can offer coverage in your desired areas. An estimate is included in your FREE site evaluation from Stonecreek Solutions!

Rid your pool area from pestsDo I have to sign a long-term contract?

Once the Stonecreek Solutions Insect Misting System is installed you are then the proud owner of the system with no contracts and a standard 1-year limited warranty. Extend your warranty an additional year by signing up for the optional monthly service program. Contact us for details.

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