Fly Spray System

Outdoor fly control can be a non-stop, challenging task. Using the right products in combination with sanitation (where possible) can provide postive results. 100% control of flies outdoors in rarely possible, as flies can come from anywhere at anytime. Fly Spray Systems can help with the issue. Even in winter, given the right circumstances such as heat, water, etc, flies can propagate in as little as 3 days, and leave you wondering where they came from.

For thousands of years, flies have been a major nuisance to both people and animals. They breed in filth of animals and humans, and they transmit numerous dangerous viruses and disease-causing bacteria. The world health officials have often called the common house fly the most dangerous insect on Earth!

Fly Spray SystemMost flies lay their eggs in warm moist materials that will furnish a food source for the developing larvae (maggot). Animal and human feces, garbage, diaper bags, rotting vegetables, and even ground with excess organic matter will provide a suitable egg depository.

Once deposited the egg hatches and a larvae resembling a small yellowish worm called a maggot emerges. Fly larvae will normally pupate or form a hard brown colored pupa shell around their body in 4 -7 days. When fully developed the adult fly breaks open the end of the pupa shell and emerges. Adult flies are often ready to mate within hours of pupating. During warm weather, most flies can have 2 or 3 generations per month. The average adult fly lives about 20 days.

Simply put, flies can threaten your home and business. They are among the filthiest of all pests, carrying billions of germs on the outside of their bodies. They breed quickly and can contaminate food or spread disease. They can undermine your image and cost you money.

Our Automatic Insect Misting System controls more than 300 types of insects, including house and biting flies. Our Fly Spray System is designed to create a protective coverage area around your property immediately after installation. The system can be installed anywhere insects are a problem providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment for you and your family.

For more information on how to control fly problems around your house, barn and property, contact Stonecreek Solutions.