Fly Spray Systems – The Unrivaled Solution for Flies and Mosquitoes
June 24, 2013 SCSadmin

Fly Spray Systems – The Unrivaled Solution for Flies and Mosquitoes

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fly-spray-systems-enjoy-summertime-activities90% of the calls that we receive from clients in the DFW area are for Mosquitoes, especially in these warmer months when everyone is at the pool or grilling outside. Do you ever wonder why there are so many more mosquitoes and flies in the summer time? Mosquitoes and other flying insects are cold-blooded, or ectothermic. Their ability to function and survive rests heavily on environmental temperature. That is why these and other insects thrive in warmer climates.

Most people today barely even have the time to grab a can of spray repellant and some fly paper while doing groceries, without giving pest control much more thought. The people who call us up finally do realize that these products have an offensive odor and are, ineffective. They are ready for a permanent solution to their fly and mosquito problems.

Automatic Fly Spray Systems

The number one solution for flying insects during these warmer months, are automatic fly spray systems. With these systems, you have a methodical, consistent, and customizable solution all season. The outside is treated, before flying insects even have a chance to become an indoor issue. After a consultation with a pest control specialist, adjustable spray nozzles and tubing are discreetly set up in your specific problem areas for the best result.

Other Benefits

Automatic fly spray systems have the added benefit of reducing crawling insects like scorpions, ants and even roaches. These systems are a very strong foundational form of pest control that will greatly impact the occurrence of over 300 kinds of pests!