Insect Misting Systems – Extra Protection Amidst Recent West Nile Cases
August 23, 2013 SCSadmin

Insect Misting Systems – Extra Protection Amidst Recent West Nile Cases

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Insect Misting Systems - Safeguard Against The West Nile VirusAccording to sources, Dallas County was hit harder than anywhere else in the country by the West Nile virus just last year. By the winter of 2012, there were a total of 385 cases of the West Nile virus, twenty of which were fatal. The usual scattered thunderstorms that we’ve been having this summer are just another reminder that we are in the prime months of West Nile season. The humidity and pooling of water that it brings creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. As there is still no vaccine for the West Nile virus, health officials focus on urging residents to take every precaution possible to avoid mosquitoes completely. Insect misting systems are the best way to safeguard your home or business from mosquitoes.

So far this year, as of August 2013, Dallas has seen roughly nine cases of the West Nile virus. Five of these cases were contractions of the West Nile flu, and four were cases of West Nile encephalitis, a serious condition attacking the central nervous system. The most recent reports of two individuals who had fallen ill to the West Nile virus was just a few days ago (mid-August) in Plano, which was shortly preceded by two other cases in Dallas County within a three day period. Previous to that string of cases was one confirmed case in Richardson and one in University Park in Dallas County.

Since there is no vaccine, health officials urge residents to take every possible precaution to avoid getting bitten in the first place. As we all may know by now, be sure to avoid all standing water and keep gutters free and clear of leaves and other debris so that water does not pool. If you have a bird bath or other shallow pools, change out the water frequently. Also, wear light-colored pants and long sleeved shirts if possible, and try to stay indoors at dusk and dawn. Above all, we highly recommend that (especially in Dallas) families get an insect misting system installed for the best protection possible for their homes.

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