Mosquito Misting Systems – West Nile Prevention is Especially Crucial in Northeast Texas Counties
September 12, 2013 SCSadmin

Mosquito Misting Systems – West Nile Prevention is Especially Crucial in Northeast Texas Counties

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Mosquito Misting Systems - Prevention is KeyCases of the West Nile Virus have been popping up all throughout Texas, to the farthest corners of the state. 2013’s West Nile season has yet to let up, and with our extended periods of heat, scattered storms and humidity, Texas consistently tops the list of states with some of the highest numbers of reported cases. With no vaccine currently available for the West Nile virus, the best thing to do is to avoid mosquito bites altogether. Our mosquito misting systems are the best way to safeguard homes from the threat of mosquitoes.

The West Nile Virus in Northeast Texas

According to the numbers reported by The Texas Department of State Health Services, Northeast Texas accounts for over one third of all 31 human West Nile cases reported in Texas so far this year. Affected areas in Northeast Texas include Dallas, Denton, Collin, Tarrant, and Johnson counties. This is why residents in and around these areas should be extra vigilant with mosquito prevention. Aside from the usual precautions such as avoiding the outdoors around dusk and dawn, more and more residents and business owners are taking advantage of mosquito misting systems.

The Most Recent Reported Case in Our Area

The latest reported case of the West Nile Virus occurred late last month in Dallas County, in the 75224 zip code area. Unfortunately, a 60 year old man had contracted the more serious form of the virus, West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease. Contraction of the disease is largely characterized by encephalitis, which causes inflammation in the tissues around the brain and spinal cord, and can lead to serious neurological damage.

Mosquito Misting Systems Provide the Ultimate Protection for Your Home

There is no way to predict where in our area and how badly the next West Nile occurrences will hit. As there is no vaccine available for the virus, we should take every possible precaution to protect our loved ones. Children, pregnant women, older individuals and individuals with weak or compromised immune systems should be extra vigilant in avoiding mosquito bites.

Stonecreek Solutions mosquito misting systems are the only way to ensure continuous and controlled protection for your home. Please contact us or feel free to leave your comments if you have any questions or concerns.