Stonecreek Solutions for Carefree Mosquito and Other Insect Control
May 28, 2023 SCSadmin

Stonecreek Solutions for Carefree Mosquito and Other Insect Control

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Since 1999, when the first cases of West Nile infection had been reported in North America, the word “mosquito” has taken on a completely different meaning. In the good ole days, mosquitoes were mostly viewed as a really annoying source of discomfort. Now, they are associated with threat of fever, encephalitis, and even death, for the elderly and for those with weakened immune systems. Today, one thing now remains consistent: We need to take consistent precaution against mosquitoes and other harmful pests, as a part of regular home maintenance and care.

Stonecreek Solutions offers a custom automated spray system that will spray for bugs and mosquitoes at the hours of dusk and dawn.  Mosquitoes are most active during these hours for several reasons. Winds are calmer, which helps them better detect their blood hosts. Mosquitoes are also very delicate insects, and cannot fly very well in a breeze, nor can they handle the harsh sunlight. Birds are also less active at dusk and dawn, which is another reason that these hours are when we see the most mosquitoes. 2 On a related note…not only do mosquitoes post a West Nile threat for humans, mosquitoes can also transmit heartworm larvae to your pets.

Mosquitoes usually steal the limelight when it comes to pesky insects. However, there are a whole slew of insects which pose a threat to the health of your gardens, pets, children, and home. Fleas and lice that act as hosts to worm eggs can very likely get ingested by you or your pets, leading to tapeworms. 1 Other insects that endanger the health of your dogs are ticks, intestinal worms and mites. Earwigs, Aphids and Leaf Miners are damaging to plants. Termites and wood-boring beetles damage your home.

People usually misuse over-the-counter products, and the results are at best, temporary. These products also have very specific instructions that vary depending on the type of insect targeted. The best all-around solution for pest maintenance is a system that will treat your home and lawn areas at peak insect hours, on a consistent basis. Stonecreek Solutions automated system is optimal because reliable, on-schedule treatments without the hassle of having to keep up with it every day will leave zero holes in your treatment system. Keep pests at bay before they even enter your home!

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