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Whether you are wanting to protect your family home or deter pests from your patio eatery, Stonecreek Solutions can help. Our Automatic Insect Misting Systems are easy to use and create a protective environment that will allow you and your family or guests to enjoy outdoor activities without the annoying bugs. With this systems overview you will see how nice and easy it is to create a protective barrier for your family to enjoy the outdoors.Each automatic insect misting system installation is customized for the owner’s specific need and lifestyle. No two systems are alike. Once your layout is determined, our professional installers will setup the system for you.
We start by mounting the tubing and nozzles around the perimeter of your structure just under the eaves, continue along the fence line, and around the pool.

Stonecreek Solutions System Overview

The reservoir is placed in a central location. Underground conduit is used to reach areas that are away from the structure. We pride ourselves in keeping your home free of the annoying insects while at the same time the system remains hidden and your home aesthetically pleasing.

When your Automatic Insect Misting System is installed it will be programmed to spray at various intervals, typically between dusk and dawn, when insects are most active. Once programmed, your system will omit a fine mist which will automatically give you a synchronized spray, 3 to 4 times a day (for 30 seconds), that evenly distributes around the coverage area. The system can also be manually activated before planned outdoor activities.

Now you and your family or guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing protected environment!

Optional Cover & Sleeve

Covers and sleeves

Whether your system is setup indoors or out you may want to protect your unit from the elements with our optional covers or sleeve. We offer two types of protection; a basic black cover used primarily inside barns or shops to keep the unit free from dust, or a two-piece tan cover and sleeve perfect for keeping your outside unit protected from mother natures’ elements while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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